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Biker Poetry and Quotes

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Biker Poetry and Quotes

My Harley to the End


You wont ask me for much

Just a little of my time

To fix your aching joints

And fill your tanks with wine

To polish those rough edges

Keeping them looking new

Tighten up your spokes

Maybe a new paint job too.

Replace all your plugs,

Wire all your circuits

Bring out those fantastic colors

Painted without smudges

Take off those old rusty nuts

Shine up all those screws and such.

Replace your worn down tires

Works out to be quite a few hours

Of mental meditation

Decisions, contemplations

And some aggravations.

But all in all, I love you so

You take me places people don’t go.

You spend your time just hanging out

Waiting to take me all about

I could not ask for a better friend,

Me and my Harley to the end.


       Kimberley A. Manning



By name


What I am is nothing more

Than what you see on the floor.

I’m not a man, I’m not a mutt,

I’m just the bitch you call slut.


You like to ride me hard at night,

That’s when the moon looks just right.

Say: “Have a seat and open wide.”

These are the words you say with pride.


I know the rules, I know the words.

But “NO” is something I’ve never heard.

I know I’m here to keep him sane,

That’s why he calls me bitch by name


      Kimberly A. Manning



Pass around jane


Pass around Jane was not the same

When she found her call in life.

Be a bitch, a bikers; bitch

And learn to use the knife.

She took her beatings like a champ,

She learned to love and fight.

She even found a peaceful place

To hide far out of sight.


Commitment comes in many forms

How does one know what’s right

Just ask Jane who felt the same

Until she took her life.


   Kimberly A. Manning



Dreams of Harley


I touched your Harley in my dream

I ran my fingers over your Big Thing,

I felt the wind blowing through my hair

I felt the heat of the pipes down there

I held onto your pant loops tight

I tilted my head so I would not loose sight,

I wore leather boots to protect my legs

I covered my eyes with deep dark shades

I leaned in close to smell the night

I was happy and content, it felt so right

I patched my jacket with emblems of fate

I learned how to love instead of hate.

I tattooed my leg to match your arms

I pierced my lips and hung one of your charms

I slept with the gang to serve my part

With you, I am willing to give my heart.


       Kimberly A. Manning





What’s that sound I hear tonight?

It sounds just like a Harley Bike.

Big and tough and strong and tall,

Makes the Harley one and all.

Tattooed arms to drive it straight,

Leaning into distribute the weight.


Spokes so shiny, wheels so round,

Pounding pavement through the town

Making noise to fill the air

Of crossing silence with shifting gears,

Tail Lights forming one straight line,

Harley riders sure look fine


     Kimberly A. Manning





It seems like yesterday

I was looking up at you

Me, being 5 foot 6,

And you being 6 foot 2.

It didn’t matter to us much,

As long as we both knew

That we could reach around each other,

If I stood up on your shoes.


Now I’m looking down at you,

Lying in the ground.

Anger overwhelms me

As I block out all the sound,

Harleys’ circle around your grave.

Men and women cry,

But all I want to do,

Is say good bye.

I reach into your grave,

And toss your hair aside

One last kiss to save my love,

When I see My Love,

When I see you,

When I Die.


Kimberly A. Manning
Scooter Trash


South of the river

Scooter Trash

Can sure give one hell

Of a Bash

They know how to party.

The men are real hardy,

The women have class

And will give up

That ass.


The games that they play

Are fun and exciting.

The bon-fires at night

Are warm and inviting.

Drinks and smoke

Are shared by the folk

Who sit around and

Tell jokes,



So if you are new

To the South of The River Crew,

Be prepared to be

Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed.


     Kimberly A. Manning

“I’ve been associated with 1%er motor cycle clubs since the late

1950’s. . .Our clubs and our bikes are what we live for, and any

thing else is just that, anything else.  It goes without saying

 that we’ve worked hard for our reps and will do everything

in our power to maintain them.  We do not apologize

for a damned thing. . .”


Sonny Barger, 2001- Hells’ Angel


“We are a group of complete individuals, and I mean individuals.

Everyone of us has a different reason for being who we are. 

The only thing we agree on is our love for the club.

That, and our love for motorcycles.”


Sonny Barger, 2001- A Hells’ Angel


“The sun never sets on a Hells Angels’ patch.”

Sonny Barger 2001-Hells’ Angel



“Freedom ain’t cheap, don’t be a rat and

sometimes you have to literally

fight to be free.”


Sonny Barger, 2000-Hells’ Angel


“We were like the crusaders and Genghis Khans, and the Jesse James

gang all rolled into one.  This was the same territory where Crazy

Horse led his Sioux Warriors in 1876 against General

George Armstrong Custer.”


“Cisco”, Oakland Hells’ Angel President

(In reference to H.A. 1982 run to Sturgus, SD.)


“I belonged right where I was, with my club.  I didn’t have

millions of dollars and wasn’t on the cover of Time

Magazine either, but what I did have was respect.

Respect from those who counted on me.  After

All, I said to myself, I was Sonny Barger.

I was a Hells’ Angel.”


Sonny Barger, Hells’ Angel


“We stick up for our own, Right or wrong.  Think about it.  If

your own brother is getting his ass kicked, do you give a

damn if he is in the wrong or not?  Fuck it, if he is wrong,

fuck it if he is right, you’re going to jump in for him.

If he is kicking ass, cool; but as soon as he gets

Hit, then fuck all, fair fight.  That is the

Easiest way to relate to a

Hells’ Angel.”


Sonny Barger, 2000, Hells’ Angel


“The story off the Hells’ Angels motorcycle club is the

story of a very select brotherhood of men who

will fight and die for each other, no matter

what the cause.”


Sonny Barger, Hells’ Angel


“They’re the wild bill hickocks,

the billy the kids—

They’re the last American hero’s we have man!!”


Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, 1965

The Legend Speaks on the Hells’ Angels m.c.



“The best thing about the Hells’ Angels is that we don’t lie to

 each other.  Of course, that don’t go for outsiders because

we have to fight fire with fire.  Hell, most people you meet

won’t tell you the truth about anything.”



The only Brazilian Hells’ Angel in the 1960’s



“People will just have to learn to stay out of our way.

We’ll bust up everyone who gets in our way.”



A Hells’ Angel

Talking to the California police



“Our motto is “all on one and one on all.”  When you mess

 with an angel, you’ll have 25 of us on your neck.”


A Frisco Angel



“What do ya mean by the word ‘right?’  The only thing

we’re concerned about is what’s right for us.  We

got our own definition of “Right.””


A hells’ Angel



“We are complete social outcasts– outsiders against society.

And that’s the way we want it to be.”


An Angel



“If you want cops to leave you alone, you have to shake ‘em up.

 If we make the scene with less than fifteen bikes, They’ll

always bust us.  But, if we show up with a hundred or

 two hundred, they’ll give us a god damn escort. 

They’ll show a little respect.  Cops are just like

Anybody else: They don’t want anymore trouble

Than they think they can handle.”


Sonny Barger, a hells’ Angel



“Everybody believes in something.  Some people believe

in God.  I believe in the Angels.”


A hells’ Angel Old Lady


“When we do right, no one remembers.  When we

do wrong, no one forgets.”


An old Hells’ Angel business card



“I really don’t care if people think we’re bad . . . we

fight society, and society fights us.

It doesn’t bother me.”


An Angel



“Actually we’re conformists.  To be an Angel, you have to

conform to the rules of our society, and the Angel’s

rules are the toughest anywhere . . .You got to

want to be an angel.  We don’t just take anybody in.

we watch ‘em.  We got to know they’ll stick to our rules.”


         Sonny Barger, A Hells’ Angel

“There’s only two kinds of people in the world. Angels,

and those who wish they were angels.”


Magoo Oakland Hells’ Angel


“Our main concern in life is to be a righteous Angel.”


A Hells’ Angel


“I don’t know why, but you almost have to join a club.  If you

don’t, you’ll never be accepted anywhere.  If you don’t

wear any colors, you’re sort of in between—and

you’re nothing.”


A Retired Hells’ Angel


“They worship their motorcycles.  They take them inside

their homes at night.  They sleep on grease-caked

beds, but their bikes are spotless.”


A Los Angeles cop, 1965


“There is no such thing as one of our brothers

imposing on another.”


Breeze, PMB 1%er


“I would do what ever is necessary to protect my club,

brothers, and family.  That’s why I am here.  There

are not many left that would kill or die for

our beliefs.  I am a dying breed.”


Connan, 1%er, Pagan MC


“I am a realist in all aspects of life.  I refuse to accept

societies set of standards, or morality.  As a 1%er,

we build a world of our own that very

few can grasp.”


Breeze, PMB 1%er


“We condemn all one-percenters.  They’d be condemned if

they rode horses, mules, surf boards, bicycles

or skate boards.  Regretfully, they

picked motorcycles”


AMA Director, 1965

American Motorcycle Association


“I went through all that school and family jazz.  It’s all

crap.  Boy I’m glad the Angels took me in!  I don’t

ever want to be anything but an Angel

and that’s it.”


A Hells’ Angel




“Man, when you were 15, or 16 years old, did you ever think you’d

end up as a Hells’ Angel?  How did I get screwed up with you

guys anyway?  Man, I got out of the Army and came back to

Richmond, Ca., started ridin’ a bike around wearing my

Chinos and clean sport shirts, even a helmet . . .and

Then I met you guys.   I started getting grubbier

And grubbier, dirtier and dirtier, I couldn’t

Believe it.  Then I lost my job.  Startin’

All my time, either goin’ on a run

Or getting’ ready for one---

Shit, I still cant

Believe it.


A Richmond, Ca. Hells’ Angel



“Sonny Barger is an important bike rider.  He is in jail unjustly,

and he should be set free.  Wear your “free Sonny Barger”

tee-Shirt in public.””


Steve McQueen’famous actor and director in 1960’s and 1970’s



“My husband (Steve McQueen) told me if I was ever stranded

on the side of the road, broke down, or in trouble, and if a club

member came by, accept their help.  Trust them.  Nothing

bad would come of it.  They’d do me right.  He even

went on to say that if the politicians ran the

country like the club ran its chapters, we’d

all be much freer.  I think he liked their

Honor System and the fact that with

Bike riders, a hand shake was a

Hand shake, and a deal

Was a deal”


Barbara McQueen

Famous actress in the 1970’s



“True Brotherhood is the key to our survival and to our way

of life.  What matters is the strength of your heart and

the love of your brothers.”


Psycho-pmb ‘04