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Frequently Asked Questions
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This is a page for everyone who has questions about the Prison Motorcycle Brotherhood. We get many requests for more information and this may be able to help in some aspect.

Questions and interview done by Pistol Pete and answered by PMB national representative "Breeze"

1). What does "PMB" stand for?

P.M.B. are the initials for the "Prison Motorcycle Brotherhood"

2). How did the Prison Motorcycle Brotherhood first come about and why?

P.M.B. was established by a group of scooter tramps, biker trash, 1%ers, and motorcycle enhusiasts behind the razor wire in order to help one another overcome the hardships of prison life. It is a group of brothers that can relate and be there for in all aspects, financially, physically, and emotionally.

3). So are all the members Bikers?

absolutly not. For some of our brothers PMB is the starting point to begin a life rich in culture and Individuality. However we do strongly encourage our PMB brothers who haven't lived the biker life style to do so upon release from prison.

4). You said "Individuality". What exactly does that mean?

I mean we are a brotherhood of individuals. We all have different reasons for being what we are. In reality we only have a few things in common. We love our brotherhood, we love the biker lifestyle, and we love freedom.

5). Define "Brotherhood" for me?

To us, "Brotherhood" is essentually an alternative family. Yet it goes much deeper than that. Many of our brothers come from dysfunctional famlies and have never really experienced the true essence of or the bond that you yourself may have had growing up. So PMB may fill that gap for some. Others see brotherhood as an escape from the insanity going on in society. It gives us a purpose. Something worthwhile to live and die for.

6). Would you really die for PMB or one of your Brothers?

Without a doubt! I am whole heartedly devoted to my brothers. I have nothing else in life except my brotherhood and my mother and father. There isn't many left who would kill or die for their beliefs in this society. I am one of the dying breed.

7). You've mentioned "Society" twice now. Do you frown upon our American Society?
Not just American Society, but most society's in the western world. Im a realist in all aspects of life. I refuse to accept societys set of standards or morality. As a 1 percenter, we build a world of our own making and creating that very few can grasp. We fight society and society fights us.
8). What is a 1 percenter?
A 1 Percenter is a complete social outcast. He is an outlaw biker, and lives outside of the laws society as you know them.
9). Whats the one thing you belive in most strongly?
I believe in "Prison Motorcycle Brotherhood" over all things. Everbody believes in something, be it God, Buddha, Allah, Muhammed, Money. I believe in PMB.
10). What is the key to your brotherhoods existence?
As my good brother psycho once stated: "True Brotherhood" is the key to our survival and to our way of life. What matters is the strength of your heart and the love of your brothers.

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A second set of questions coming soon....