Prison Motorcycle Brotherhood

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     Greetings!  I am a patched brother, as well as a representative of the P.M.B.’s (Prison Motorcycle Brotherhood). 

     The One-Percenter (1%) lifestyle has been in a steady decline since the late 1980’s.  It is a dying culture and it is our duty to do all that we can to revive it.  For within the One-Percenter way of life is True Freedom unfound elsewhere! 

     Florida is the fourth State D.O.C. that the P.M.B.’s have emerged in.  We will slowly, but surely reach all 50 states and the Federal Systems before it is all said and done.  Currently the other three states are Idaho, Texas, and Minnesota.  (An item of interest here is that there are current rumors that we also have undocumented chapters in Wisconsin D.O.C. as well.)

     Idaho has long been the Aryan Nations stomping ground, thus we are established, yet not very large.  Texas has over 70 State Prisons, thus we are one small Brotherhood amongst several dozen there.  Minnesota, on the other hand, has P.M.B. Chapters firmly established in “every” State Prison.  It may be proudly boasted here that the P.M.B.’s run things in the Minnesota D.O.C., as is expected to follow suit within the Florida D.O.C.  Although the Florida System has 57 prisons, they have no True Brotherhoods, with the exception of two small racial crews, (Unforgiven and North Side White Boys).


We hope to supersede them both in due time.




P.M.B. Representative,



Please bear with us as we are currently creating, updating, and making constant changes with our web site. This is going to become one of the greatest accomplishments that PMB can attribute to. We want to share so much information and get this information out there but as you all know this does take some time....
More information coming soon.